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​Welcome to Full Circle Farm Growth and Healing Center!

Everyone and everything has a story, and Full Circle Farm Growth and Healing Center is no different.  Founded in 2011 by Dave and Chrissy McFarren, FCFGHC has offered healing work with horses for the past five years in the tranquil setting of Full Circle Farm, a beautiful oasis of rolling green pastures in the pan-handle of West Virginia, just a little over an hour from Washington, DC,. 

Stories have plots and twists, not unlike the journeys of our lives, and they often evolve in unexpected ways, with unexpected discoveries along the way.  As board members of FCFGHC, we have been on a journey, together and individually.  As we journeyed together we discovered our dreams had common threads.  We discovered a collective love for the expansiveness of the west, for the wilderness, and the amazing connection with nature that comes with living close to the land.  What if we could offer this work with horses and nature in the expansive beauty of the West?  It would mean a big transition!


Brian and Natalie were already living and working on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Chrissy and Dave had spent time out west and began to contemplate a permanent move.  Cris and her husband Kriss were also ready for a transition to a simpler life.  Andy was on a journey of transition as well, as he retired from the Navy and began to look for what is next.   

In December of 2014 we found Badger Creek Ranch, a small working cattle and guest ranch in the Rocky Mountains just west of Cañon City, Colorado.  None of us could have ever imagined it would happen so fast.  We visited the ranch early in January 2015, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Dreams do come true!   Badger Creek Ranch​ continues to operate as a working cattle and guest ranch, implementing sustainable agriculture practices to care for the land, and humane practices in raising grass fed meat, and FCFGHC has expanded to offer nature/wilderness based retreats and workshops in the expansive beauty of the west at Badger Creek Ranch​!  Check out our programs and services and begin your full circle journey to living the dream!